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Humoral temperament type quiz

This quiz evaluates your dominant constitutional type according to Humoral Theory, which you can use as a guide to selecting the best herbs and foods for your type and ultimately, to regain balance within. The ultimate goal is to achieve a healthy balance of each humor. All earthly things are composed of these substances in varying degrees and understanding the balance of these elements within each person is key to understanding how disease manifests in individuals. Discover how you can live your best life here in this quick and easy quiz!

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Use this handy quiz to quickly discover what your dominant humoral constitution is and follow the guidelines in your results to determine what types of foods, herbs, fluids and physical activity level best suit you. 


The concept that disease had a physical origin emerged with the early Hippocratic doctors, and their foundational approach to healing was shaped by humoral theory. This was a very welcome and significant break away from the idea that spiritual or divine forces caused disease. A necessary step in the right direction to recognising that an individual’s internal physiology along with diet and lifestyle were the most important determinants of HEALTH. 

The four humors of Humorism are yellow bile, black bile, blood and phlegm. The four humoral types are choleric, melancholic, sanguine and phlegmatic respectively. Each humor can be traced back to its original elemental makeup, the elements being earth, air, fire and water (in the western model). Humorism, constitutional typing and element theories are fundamental to understanding herbal energetics, and continue to play a central role in Eastern herbalism traditions. 

I use humorism in my assessment of your health in consultations, similar to the way Ayurvedic practitioners use the Tridosha system to regain balance in the individual physically, emotionally and psychologically. It’s a profound process that really needs to be covered in more detail!

Think of humors as invisible forces (like hormones or blood plasma) running through your body. Your dominant humor can possess a range of qualities from heating, cooling, moistening, drying, heavy to light.

In the humors we see reflections of the base elements from which all things on earth are made. In heat we see fire, in moisture we see water, in stagnation we see heavy soils of earth and so on. Our dominant qualities are expressed in the types of diseases we develop and we can balance them out with herbs and foods that have oppose those qualities. Spicy foods for cold and sluggish conditions like mucous congestion for example.

Similar to the 5 element theory in Chinese medicine and the Panchamahabutas of Ayurveda, Western herbalism also acknowledges that all earthly things are composed of primordial elements. The ancient Greeks identified 4 elements: air, water, earth and fire. Each of us possesses these elemental qualities in varying degrees, and often one or two become dominant. This predisposes us to diseases that share a similar nature to the humor and its base elements. When you go through the quiz, you’ll end up with an assessment of which elements and humor is more dominant in your constitution, giving you insights into how you can regain balance.

You’ll find lots of recommendations in your results along with my top three special recommendations for you to live your best life according to your constitution.



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