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  • Postgraduate level trained Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Homeopath and Iridologist with more than 15 years in the natural medicine field
  • Fellow Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society
  • I have worked successfully for over a decade with a range of conditions from anxiety, sleep, digestive, hormonal, fertility, and auto-immune disease through to weight loss
  • I am thorough and attentive, and I practise from a place of care
  • I lecture at various higher education institutions and am up to date with current research and approaches in natural medicine.
  • Creator of the Wild Medicine Academy online herbalism school
  • Awards: Excellence in Teaching (Laureate Universities 2018, 2019), Blackmores Scholarship (2004), Top Naturopathy Student (2008), Top Overall Graduand (2008), Dux (University Western Sydney 1997)

Sulin Sze

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Inclusive in your Naturopathy consultation



Work with high potency herbal extracts and nutritional supplements to address a range of symptoms simultaneously with a dedicated treatment plan to make sure you stay on track.

nutritional coaching

Diet and lifestyle are foundational to good health. After exploring nutritional deficiencies and the suitability of your diet for your constitution, we will work on developing a healthier, more pro-active approach to set you up for the future.

comprehensive classical diagnostics

Trained in classical naturopathic diagnosis I observe pulse, tongue and iris presentation and changes over the course of your treatment.

endocrine & metabolic health assessment

I have extensive experience in working with hormonal conditions, stress, sleep and metabolic health. Assessment of these body systems is included in your consultations.

What it's all about....

This system of health is focussed on returning your body to equilibrium using medicines of natural origin including herbal extracts and nutritional supplements. While the emphasis is on optimising your health, naturopathy is well suited to chronic disease, over time reducing symptoms frequency and severity of a number of condiitons from auto-immune disease, hormonal conditions, allergies, insomnia through to digestive conditions.

A system of healing where plant parts are used to create extracts of varying strengths to alleviate symptoms of disease. Herbal medicine is the oldest system of medicine in the world and caters to a plethora of health conditions. I do not recommend self-prescribing herbs, rather see a professional like myself. Extensive training in the safe use of plant-based medicines and avoiding interactions with drug medications is essential to ensure the best results.

A medicinal diet is foundational to good health and longevity. However in modern times, most of us don’t think about our diet as our medicine. Furthermore, with so many fad diets and ‘superfoods’ around, making sense of what foods and diet styles is easier when you have a health professional to guide you. I focus on eating well for your body type, constitution and any specific needs such as working with a chronic illness or planning for pregnancy. 

I am fully trained and have extensive experience in using Iridology – both a diagnostic tool and a marker of treatment progress. I use iris photos to understand a person’s constitution and predisposition to disease. Throughout treatment, changes can be observed in the iris, indicating the success of the treatment. Iridology is used extensively in Europe and the USA, and has been a core element in naturopathic diagnosis for decades, however modern Australian naturopaths  rarely receive in depth training in this tool.

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