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I’d love to share a bit about myself, and my approach to health that fuses the best of holistic medicine and evidence based. So here goes…

First of all, I love working with plants and people and I do everything in my life with intention and heart. I grew up between the U.K, South East Asia and Australia and finally settled in the Northern Beaches of Sydney where every day feels like paradise. I originally trained and worked in photography and animation, leaving that field around the year 2000 to study herbalism. With many years behind me now in clinical practice, I started teaching and writing academic course materials for the next generations of herbalists and I realised how much I love sharing (and learning!). And I take that into all of my consultations because I like my clients to feel empowered and confident in their treatments.

Sulin Sze

In my clinic, ready for 2022!

My approach to health and wellness is a well honed and refined mixture of treatment outcome expectations, care and education. My skill as a diagnostic naturopath is the result of nearly two decades in clinical practice working with people from all walks of life with a range of presenting symptoms. I’ve assisted hundreds of people with everything from fertility, gut health, insomnia, anxiety, hormonal conditions, peri-menopause to allergies. And so much more! Being a naturopath requires versatility! Did you know that one symptom can arise from multiple imbalances in the body? It takes a keen eye to identify what’s really underneath a health condition because its usually multifaceted. One of my strengths is discovering origins of conditions and this is something I also teach naturopathy students at universities and colleges in Australia. With me, you get to the core issues earlier.

My knowledge of herbal medicines and treatment protocols is nuanced and layered, and comes from a slightly fanatical obsession and love for natural healing. I also have a broad reaching knowledge of medicinal plants from Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic systems of herbalism, and years of academic enquiry to post graduate level, which has involved hour upon hour of writing technical and educational content for top naturopathy colleges throughout Australia. I’m currently studying Ayurveda.


  • ATMS Fellow (Member 17249)
  • Grad. Cert Complementary Medicines Management
  • A.D Dip Naturopathy
  • A.D Western Herbal Medicine
  • D Nutrition
  • Creator of Wild Medicine Academy
  • Educator & Writer (Torrens University, Nature Care College, Endeavour College, Switch on Health)
  • Hoffman Process, Chi Ball (Movement) Method, Nia Technique
  • Valid Working with Children Check
  • Awards: Excellence in Teaching (Laureate Universities 2018, 2019), Blackmores Scholarship (2004), Top Naturopathy Student (2008), Top Overall Graduand (2008), Dux (University Western Sydney 1997)

You are so welcome in my clinic. I will walk with you and being your trusted guide and resource as you traverse the sometimes complex territory of health. My clinic space is warm, non-judgmental and accepting and I come from a place of care. Together we will create the bedrock for positive changes in your mental, physical, even emotional wellness. I can set you up with a health protocol to achieve your health vision and we start from the very first session. I want to empower you to get your inner glow back and to be the healthiest version of yourself so I will educate you about diet and how food can become your medicine long term. I can also recognise pathways to dis-ease and steer you away from those.

Two important things I want to say before I sign off are that health is a dynamic thing, and better health begins with intention. That’s all you need to know, I’ll take care of the how, when and why. You just bring yourself and your intention to heal. I’ll work at a pace that you’re comfortable with and something my client’s love about our sessions is how much they learn about their individual health needs. I’ll do the same for you so that you understand what you’re taking and why. You’ll find lots of insights into healing naturally in my BLOG.

So if you’d like to work with me on your health just call, or contact me via the button link below. 

I can’t wait to bring the rich, healing qualities of herbal medicine to you!

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