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Based on nutritional, herbal and mindfulness practices from East and West this webinar gives you plenty of tools and hacks to naturally support healthy digestion, metabolism and weight. As we approach midlife our hormonal and metabolic systems go through a recalibration process. Having guided and supported many women through their transitions to menopause, Sulin is well equipped to give you a few tips and hacks to reach your weight goals in a happy, healthy and natural way! More Info

Ever wondered if your hormones could be behind your fatigue, skin problems, mood changes, eating habits, weight changes or other symptoms that seem a bit ‘random’? Ever wanted a bit of ‘hormone coaching’? This webinar demystifies hormonal changes in women in the midlife,  revealing the hormone shifts behind a myriad of common symptoms. Join evidence-based naturopath Sulin as she decodes your hormones, bringing almost two decades of balancing hormones and interpreting hormone pathology tests to the table. More Info

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Based on pranayama, gentle movement and naturopathic purification techniques that you can easily integrate into your daily life to cultivate a better work-life balance, improve mental health and physical wellness. Each day receive emails with your daily practices and join us for group sessions each morning. 

Join evidence-based naturopath Sulin as she brings year of movement, breathwork, meditation and of course, naturopathic lifestyle to the table. More Info

I am power womens health summit australia 2

Come and join the I Am Power Summit supporting womens mental health and wellness. I’m a Keynote Speaker this year and so thrilled to be part of this #womenhealingwomen project! I’m excited also to learn lots from the other speakers, there will be lots of highly regarded leaders in womens health so you don’t want to miss this one.