Midlife Hormone Changes Explained ~ Webinar Recording

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Ever wondered if your hormones could be behind your fatigue, skin problems, mood changes, eating habits, weight changes or other symptoms that seem a bit ‘random’? Ever wanted a bit of ‘hormone coaching’? This webinar demystifies hormonal changes in women in the midlife,  revealing the hormone shifts behind a myriad of common symptoms. Join evidence-based naturopath Sulin as she decodes your hormones, bringing almost two decades of balancing hormones and interpreting hormone pathology tests to the table.

This year I was an ambassador for Natural Medicine Week, and I gave several presentations (the recordings will be rolling out over the next month or so), focussing on hormonal health and wellness for women. I was interviewed by Natalie Hume of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, you can watch the video here or below. 

Here are the main points:

  • Hormonal changes in midlife have a reason and specific pattern, I explain these
  • Weight and body composition is a natural part of midlife, I explain how and why
  • You can lessen perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms through diet and lifestyle, I tell you what and how
  • There are common symptoms women experience in midlife that are actually hormone related (it’s not all stress and diet!), I explain what and why
  • I tell you what foods to eat and which to avoid to reduce symptoms

I truly believe that every woman has the power to the architect of her own hormonal landscape. 

About this webinar:

Tired of mood swings, acne, fatigue and fluid retention ruining your life?…well maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but the truth is that 90% of women in Australia experience hormonal symptoms every month with their cycle, and 80,000 Australian women will go into perimenopause or menopause next year. So how can we prepare ourselves to live our happiest, healthiest lives if we don’t know what’s really going on beneath our skin? By learning more about our hormones – what they do, and what happens if they’re out of balance.

Sulin has spent nearly two decades in clinical practice, helping women balance their hormones and get on with life! She’ll be sitting down with you to show you which hormones you want to get to know better, what they do, and what symptoms they can cause if excessive or deficient. This is rich, depthful and practical knowledge that all women will want to have in their healthy living toolkit. 

Healthy hormone balance is essential for a woman’s health through all the life stages, but there are particular transition periods, such as fertile years and perimenopause, when our hormonal territory can become a little….hectic. And it’s not just your reproductive hormones like oestrogen and progesterone that can swing out of balance, it’s also the dynamic interplay of stress and thyroid hormones that can impact your quality of life, body shape, sleep and more as you move into your 40s and 50s. 

Webinar Video

If you prefer you can also listen to the recording AUDIO on my podcast ‘Well Woman’ using the links below. I hope you had a magical Natural Medicine Week. May this be the year you completely and fully LOVE + NOURISH you!


Here’s my interview video with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society talking about evidence based natural health for women.

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