Shamanic Journey for Healing ~ REVITALISE

Connect deeply with your Self and your Soul in this guided meditation with shamanic drums. I take you breath by breath, into the realm of the shamanic journey….

Hi everybody,

I have a beautiful experience to gift you, something precious that you can bring into your day or night, bringing you closer and more deeply connected to your innate intelligence. Revitalise is a shamanic journey for healing.

It will take you deep into your psyche, into the lower world, cultivating a deeper and more resonant connection with your spiritual self. Be prepared to breathe deep, to feel things shifting and stirring within you, and to openly welcome the new, the unknown, the mysterious and the wild.

This meditation combines shamanic journey practices with my bio-psycho-emotional approach to health. There’s something in it for the many layers of the individual from the emotional, the intellectual, the environmental, the energetic, the physiological. Put simply, this soothing and poetic experience will nourish you internally and help to restore harmony and vitality on a cellular level. You’ll use breath and visualisation and the assistance of spirit guides to take you into another dimension. Get ready to venture beyond a relaxation experience, charging your body and soul with prana, qi and vital force.

Put on your headphones, get cosy, and feel every inch of you – body and spirit – transforming in each and every moment. The eagles and whales will be there to welcome you as the journey begins.  

Life, Light & Love to you

Sulin Sze Naturopath Sydney


* Important instruction: in shamanic journeys you often hear drums, that facilitate the movement of your consciousness into another world, the Lower World. If you haven’t shamanic journeyed before, don’t worry if the drums feel strange, perhaps unsettling and unusual. Just imagine they are the sounds of the horses hooves on the ground, as they transport you to the Lower world, where your exploratory journey begins. You can also imagine yourself entering the Lower World through some kind of portal like a gate, door, path or similar. Everyone’s experience of entering the Lower World is unique. Just like you. That’s what makes this work so special and so transformative. Most of all, let yourself go….wild.

You’ll find many more meditations, visualisations and instructables on my YouTube Channel.


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