Herbs for Grieving

Herbs for Grief

Dear friends, it’s been a challenging time recently for me with my father’s passing, and I wanted to share something with you that may help if or when you walk the path of grieving. Loss hurts. It doesn’t matter whether its someone close to you, a family member, a pet, a close friend, someone you were bonded with or perhaps you’re grieving for the loss of something, a job for instance. Very possibly, it’s some loss that you’ve faced with COVID-19. So many people lost their livelihoods, freedoms, a family member, their health and more throughout this pandemic. Letting go and moving through the grieving process with grace is something our plant friends can help us with.  This article really comes from my heart to yours. Through connection we heal. So I’ll be sharing here the herbs that can assist with the various stages of grieving and in particular, those that make us stronger, more resilient and those that nourish us, like a hug in a cup. My journey is the loss of a kind and generous man in my life. Whatever your grief journey is, I hope you find this helpful.

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