Wild Medicine Academy

Learn about wildcrafting medicinal plants from your local neighbourhood and how to create delicious and nutritious meals and medicines with them. In person wildcrafting walks, online courses, workshops and beautiful ebooks are all part of the Wild Medicine Academy offering. 

The Fully Online Wild Medicine Academy school is operational

Having been involved in formal training in herbalism and naturopathy since 2008 I’ve been inspired to offer a fully online option for students to deepen in their experience of herbalism. The Wild Medicine Academy online courses are bridging courses that can round out formal training. They are also available to anyone, anywhere in the world, with an interest in herbalism. These beautiful courses will inspire budding herbalists and herb lovers, and provide experienced herbalists with an opportunity to deepen their plant connection and communication skills. 

First course on offer will be the comprehensive four module ‘Elixirs’ taking you from elixirs in their historical and mythical context, through alchemy, practical preparations and modern strands of elixir making, culminating in an elixir ritual to take you into elixir mastery.

The Wild Medicine Academy offers a bridging option for anybody with or without herbal training, to develop practical skills in herbal medicine making, while walking an illuminated path into the field of intelligent plant medicine. 

Gift yourself a Wild Medicine Walk

Join us as we tread the earth gently, putting into practice the teachings of the Wild Medicine Book Field Guide. This is a hands on workshop where you will walk, learn to recognize wild medicinal plants, discover the benefits of wildcrafting as well as enjoying a feast of ‘wild’ goodies to wrap up a beauty-filled morning. The first volume of the Field Guide with 80 pages of botanical and nutritional/phytochemical data on featured plants is included FREE. Here in the photo, you can see we’ve eaten to our hearts content and we are making up our Wild Medicine amulets, to remember this hearty experience. 

Learning to recognise and prepare medicines from wild growing medicinal and nutritive plants

There's always time for photos...
Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) goes through major transitions to finally release a parachuted seed known as a cypsela. Fly little ones!
In the Wild Medicine Walks
Calendula officinalis
Calendula flowers are rich in flavonoids and anti-aging phytochemicals, however it has been used as more than a a food colouring, baby skin soother, nutritive food and more.
In the Wild Medicine Walks
Echinacea spp
'Spp' means 'species, and refers to the various types of Echinacea that you can find. What a divinely useful and powerful immune modulator this one is!
Best for modulating immune function
Valeriana officinalis
Note the species name is 'officinalis', this means that this plant was considered an official remedy of the Victorian pharmacy, where we saw more order and regulation applied to the use of herbs as medicines.
A valuable nervous system unwinder for the 21st C
I can't wait to show you...
...and talk about the Wild Medicine Walks, what you will learn and when the next set are ready. Currently aiming for March 2019.
Coming soon
Solanum nigrum
Here she is, that plant that you walk past daily. Blackberry nightshade is not the same as Deadly Nightshade, do not fear. The berries from Solanum make a wonderful anti-viral cream and the berries when fully ripe and black, are delicious.
Anti-herpetic and anti-viral properties
Lesser Mullein
Now and then a plant surprises you, in your own garden, and settles in spectacularly. Lesser Mullein, a shorter version of the lung-restorer, Greater Mullein
Just a natural beauty!
Hypericum perforatum
The original serotonin supporter, St John's Wort is a wonderful support for those with hyper-active adrenals and a tendency to mood swings.
In the Wild Medicine Walks
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The rewilding movement in combination with sustainability and a move towards biodiversity all support wildcrafting as a means of procuring food and medicine. It's for everybody, even you.
See you soon!

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