Yum! Sow Thistle Crispy Chips

Sow Thistle Crispy Chips

At a recent wildcrafting walk, everybody went nuts for the ‘crisps’ which were salty like seaweed and so crispy to boot. This is Green Goddess food, so here’s the recipe…

What makes for a super delicious snack that is ALSO good for you? Herb crisps, that’s what! I’m going to share an incredibly easy and tasty chip alternative here and those of you who happen to be a little adrenal, a little stressed out, and getting those salt cravings settling in, will be able to satiate those yearnings with on of my most favourite wild medicinal plants: Sow Thistle (Sonchus oleraceus)

I’m using the S. oleraceus species but you may have another species growing near you so go try it! See what it’s like. Most Sonchus spp tend to have similar biochemistry in terms of the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. 

Sow Thistle Crispy Chips


  • Any amount of freshly harvested Sow Thistle leaves (preferably mature)
  • Olive oil
  • Dukkah or a salt rub or some sort
  • Handful of cashews roughly ground in the mortar and pestle


  1. Warm the oven to 100°C
  2. Pick, wash and gently (but completely) dry the Sow Thistle leaves
  3. Coat the leaves well with extra virgin olive oil and lay them on baking paper in baking tray
  4. Sprinkle over them some ground cashew (roughly one cashew per two leaves) and Dukkah (or your own combination of sesame seeds, salt, ground roast seeds and nuts)
  5. Pop them into the oven for 10-12 minutes and keep an eye on them. When they are crisp enough to stand upright when lifted from the base, they are done. And they are delicious!
Sow Thistle Crispy Chips

Get those soft, silky leaves nice and clean and coated with oil. Then sprinkle the seeds on top.

Sow Thistle Crispy Chips

After around 15 minutes in a low temperature oven, and you get these crispy, seaweed-like chippies. 

So go and pluck! Sow Thistle grows wild in both fertile and poor quality soil. When you’re wildcrafting Sow Thistle, avoid harvesting near roadsides and anywhere there may be chemical sprays. I love collecting seeds and growing the plants in my own garden. That way I know what’s in the soil and I can love and nourish them myself! For more guidance on wildcrafting head on over to my online school, Wild Medicine Academy


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