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Every woman has the power to be the architect of her own hormonal landscape. I'm here to help you achieve that!

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  • ~ Naturopath + Herbalist, Expert in Womens Hormone Health
  • ~ Extensive clinical experience in womens hormone health
  • ~ Post-Graduate Cert. Complementary Medicines Management, Post-Graduate Diploma Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • ~ Educator [Torrens University, Nature Care College]
  • ~ Fellow of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society [17249]
  • ~ Mentor [Naturopathy + Herbalism Mastery Program, Wild Medicine Academy]
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Hi, I’m Sulin,

I’m a women’s hormone naturopath with expertise in the management of natural fertility, premenstrual syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and perimenopause. I work with women from puberty to menopause, offering evidence-based naturopathic support.  It’s my mission to be your trusted hormonal health guide here to help you understand and overcome your hormonal symptoms.

Many women think they just have to live with a hormonal imbalance, such as debilitating period pain, recurrent miscarriages, heavy bleeds, low thyroid function, and fatigue or infertility, but the right blend of nutrients and herbs can relieve symptoms and help you regain your balance naturally. Over nearly two decades in practice, and over a decade teaching naturopathy at university, I’ve found that a tailored, research-supported approach can be just the solution to stubborn, mysterious, and often distressing symptoms like acne, facial hair growth, weight gain, infertility, anxiety, the 34 or so perimenopausal symptoms, insomnia, fatigue, and mental fog.

After several years of personal exploration, my own health journey, women’s groups, and meditation, tuning in to my body has become second nature. Herbal medicine and sound nutrition are just a phone call away. Feeling happy, well and nourished is your birthright. I believe that we are all deeply deserving of care.

I’m all about inspiring women like you to aspire to achieve stronger bodies, brighter minds and greater joy with the support and guidance of traditional herbal wisdom and modern evidence-based natural medicine. I’m your trusted hormonal health guide here to help you transform your hormonal symptoms into an opportunity for learning, growth and meaning.

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⫷ Fellow ⫸ ~ Australian Traditional Medicine Society

⫷ Ambassador ⫸ ~ Beaches Womens Wellness

⫷ Mentor ⫸ ~ Naturopathy & Herbalism Mastery Program

⫷ Lecturer ⫸ ~ Torrens University, Nature Care College

ATMS natural medicine week ambassador

This coming Natural Medicine Week we celebrate complementary medicine with a host of articles, webinars and experiences that can give you a taste of what we do and how we work. I’m thrilled to have been selected as an Ambassador for Natural Medicine Week 2024. Stay tuned for more info on events and offerings coming up.

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