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I’m Sulin, a post-graduate level trained Naturopath and Herbalist with a passion for helping people optimise their potentials in health. I’m here with my medicines and protocols to show you now to bring your body and mind back into a state of balance. I’m talking deeper sleep, more effortless energy, better cognitive function, immunity and bowel regularity. I’m talking all the things that help you thrive and be the healthiest version of yourself every day!

Health can sometimes be complex territory, so I make things simple and straightforward. I’ll reveal some of those mysterious inner workings of your body physiology like hormones, digestive processes, detoxification mechanisms, enzymes, nutrients and more!

I bridge the gap between you and the healing power of nature. I’ll be your guide and trusted resource as you navigate your way back to vitality and resilience.There’s so much we could be doing right now to bring you closer to more vitality, harmony and joy. 

Sulin Sze


  • Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine consultations for health and disease management
  • In person or online consultations
  • Individualised and tailored treatment programs for most health conditions 
  • Comprehensive Naturopathic Diagnosis in all consultations (pulse, tongue, iris, adrenal status and more)

I want you to GLOW.

There’s a thriving green force behind all life that permeates every living thing on this planet. Hold out your hands, I want to gift this to you with my herbs.

My medicines and my holistic nature-based approach will have you glowing from the inside. There’s a life force that surges through these plant medicines that may be the key to unlocking that vitality waiting to be rediscovered within you. In the East its known as Prana or Qi, in the West, it’s VIRIDITAS.

Viriditas is the ‘breath of herbal medicine’

Viriditas at its very earliest conception, was the verdant, life force in nature that brings like and creates life. The green Source if you like. Other systems of medicine call it prana, qi and vital force. It was picked up by a healing Benedictine nun called Hildegard von Bingen in Medieval times, and she used the term frequently when referring to the vital force in plants. Coming from a holistic, plant medicine perspective, the term really began to speak to herbalists and natural medicine practitioners from there on.

Its about rediscovering your innate inner wellness. You still have it, but over time all of these layers of inflammation and toxicity have been building upon one another,  creating more and more layers of disharmony and eventually we manifest a disease. I’m all about shining the light on your innate vitality and radiance, and activating that again so that you can go on to not only feel better and radiate health from the inside, but you can inspire others to do the same. So that you can model this for generations to come. So much of our health care focusses on symptoms and conditions and so we lose ourselves in that and we forget that we have in our bodies this life force, this viriditas, that is just waiting to be switched on again.

I want you to glow with viriditas!

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