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Helping couples achieve healthy pregnancies + babies and overcome infertility 

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Natural Fertility Boosting

…with an evidence-based protocol tailored to your hormonal, genetic and environmental needs.

Do it naturally 

Nutritional and herbal medicines can address infertility, recurrent miscarriage and poor sperm parameters.

Get to the root causes

…of infertility, recurrent miscarriage, irregular cycles, PCOS….. I help you to demystify and un-complicate your journey to parenthood.

9 Golden Months

The 9 month journey of creating a child are golden months, and an opportunity to nourish and connect with your interior landscape as you embark on your own birth journey – the birth of a mother. It’s a profoundly meaningful, creative and nurturing time for many of us. We’ve only known ourselves as sisters and daughters, maybe aunties so far, and a whole new beautiful world is about to open for us. And for some of us, we get to take this journey more than once. I invite you to work with me for your preconception, prenatal and postpartum care and support.

Services include preconception detoxification and nutrition, normalising hormones, improving egg health and sperm parameters, support for recurrent miscarriage and preparation for IVF / ART.


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Preconception care

Encompasses detoxification, making clear and informed decisions around diet, nutrition, egg and sperm health, natural support for conception and getting to know your body (basal temperature charting, cervical mucous observation)

natural fertility treatment sydney northern beaches
Prenatal care

Includes dietary and nutritional support to nourish, strengthen and nurture you and your partner during the gestational period. It also includes advice and support around birth and a dedicated natural birth kit is available for purchase.

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Postpartum care

Postpartum care spans the period after birth and includes specific protocols for mothers to provide physical and emotional support. It includes my dedicated ‘Golden Month’ post-partum diet protocol. 

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Your Natural Fertility Consultation

Optimising your hormonal health and nutrition are the best ways to improve your fertility potential. Head to the Booking page to choose a time that suits you to come in. I usually send out questionnaires prior to the session. In the session we’ll get started with a comprehensive overview of fertility status. I provide online and in-person natural fertility consultations to assess the fertility potential of both partners (or just one if you prefer).

Suitable pathology tests can be organised where needed. Prescription for both partners is included. The consultation fee covers both partners for each session. Subsequent sessions are organised to suit your needs. 

Read on to learn more about natural fertility.

What is Natural Fertility?

Natural Fertility uses natural methods to boost fertility potential in both partners, with the ultimate goal of creating a happy and healthy pregnancy journey, birth experience, and healthy babies. There are several strands to my approach to improving fertility potential as you can see in the Natural Fertility Pillars diagram below. Each of these is equally important in ensuring a positive and healthy pregnancy, birth and baby.

Natural fertility support by naturopath sulin sze

I use natural, certified organic and TGA approved herbal and nutritional medicines to enhance and maintain fertility health. The first pillar of fertility health is egg and sperm. The technical term for them is ‘gametes’. If conception is successful, a male sperm will fertilise a female egg, and it will produce an embryo. I work on reducing oxidative damage to the gametes, especially things like DNA fragmentation in sperm, and any other factors associated with failed conception or miscarriage. I also provide a 90-100 day protocol to boost egg and sperm health using natural medicines. 

I use diet as a source of nourishment and strengthening, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine I use herbs in the diet to support the uterus (‘Palace of the Child’), and I ensure that nutrient deficiencies are corrected to improve conception rates and reduce risk of miscarriage or pregnancy issues. I also teach you to assess your own fertility using simple and easy charting methods so that you can identify the best times for intercourse. And finally, the thing I’m most passionate about is creating healthy babies. So I assess the health tendencies in both partners and identify where we need to focus, to reduce the risk of health conditions in baby. Things like learning disorders, chronic allergies and growth issues for instance. 

I’ll never forget the day my son was born, and I held him in my arms. He looked a little squished, red, with tiny feet and even tinier fingers, and then he opened his eyes and my life changed forever. I know the joy and challenges that come with pregnancy, birth and motherhood, and I would love to support you and your partner (and your baby!) in this life-changing experience. Read on for more information about natural conception care and my approach. Or if you’d like to book in, use the button below.