How to Make an Herbal Steam to Decongest

How to make an herbal steam to decongest

Ward off colds and flus this winter with a humble herbal steam, a much loved preparation in all herbal traditions that’s simple to make, affordable and soothing to the whole body and soul. If you’ve ever had a warm cup of herbal tea and inhaled the vapours, you’ll know that hot herbal infusions can clear the nasal cavity and make breathing easier. Or if you’ve use aromatic shower bombs and smelt the vapours clearing your head as you shower, which is the same principle. Steaming herbs releases the volatile oils in the herbs, allowing them to fight microbial, bacterial and viral pathogens accumulating in your nasal cavity. The herbal steam technique is the first therapy you can whip up at the first signs of a cold or flu. Discover how to create your own herbal steam and keep your upper respiratory passageways clean, calm and moist over the cooler seasons.

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My Favourite 3 DIY Natural Gifts Recipes

bath bombs

Bath Bombs (Sze, 2022)

Hello Possums, as we approach the end of this year and the beginning of a new one, I feel like we need this fresh start considering all the stresses and uncertainties of the past few years. The festive season can be challenging for some of us. For hubby and I, it’s the first Christmas without our fathers. I’m sure that many of you reading this, have similarly felt loss at these times. 

I wanted to put something together that was both therapeutic for us as well as others, so I’ve come up with some ideas for Christmas presents you can make for family and friends here. My all-time favourite goodies to create because the PROCESS of making them is just as much a gift and the sharing of them! While you’re mixing up magic on your kitchen bench, all the aromatic herbs, spices, grains and oils will be soothing and nourishing your mind and body and reminding you of just how beautiful and precious our world is. All those flowers, petals, oils and natural powders…..

I think DIY gifts are underrated. They’re personalised, they’re economical, they don’t come wrapped in single-use plastics and they’re a reflection of the effort you’ve made. Read on to find out how to make some fun, herby, aromatic gifts with your own beautiful hands 🙂

  • Gut-lovin’ Seed Loaf Premix in a Bottle
  • Bath Bombs
  • Aromatic Lotion Bars

And have a beautiful end of year friends. May your dreams and hopes find a path to manifestation in the coming year. 

Sulin Sze Naturopath Sydney
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How to make your own hot herbal compress

Hot Herbal Compress

Today we’re making one of the classic herbal treatments for muscular aches and pains, menstrual pain, joint inflammation, stiffness and general stagnation. You’ll learn about the uses of a hot herbal compress and the types of herbs that best suit this easy to make, topical preparation. We’ll look at both the western and eastern perspectives in terms of herbs and I’ll give you an intro in herbal energetics. You’ll also get my recipe for creating a compress to relieve muscle stiffness. Let’s dive into the world of the hot herbal compress!

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Refreshing Nettle Spearmint Eye Gel

Refreshing Nettle Herbal Eye Gel

My super easy, homemade Nettle & Spearmint Eye Gel is that refreshing, cooling and soothing (totally) natural relief you’ve been waiting for to nourish tired eyes. Not only that, but Nettle brings an astringent action that gets to work on tightening the delicate skin around your eyes so the effects are not only healing, they’re beautifying! There are two ways to use this gel: to cool your eye area or as a face mask to tighten skin and increase glow. Wait till you feel the tightening action! Come on back to my healing kitchen and I’ll show you how to make this skin-nutritious eye gel.

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