How to Make an Herbal Steam to Decongest

How to make an herbal steam to decongest

Ward off colds and flus this winter with a humble herbal steam, a much loved preparation in all herbal traditions that’s simple to make, affordable and soothing to the whole body and soul. If you’ve ever had a warm cup of herbal tea and inhaled the vapours, you’ll know that hot herbal infusions can clear the nasal cavity and make breathing easier. Or if you’ve use aromatic shower bombs and smelt the vapours clearing your head as you shower, which is the same principle. Steaming herbs releases the volatile oils in the herbs, allowing them to fight microbial, bacterial and viral pathogens accumulating in your nasal cavity. The herbal steam technique is the first therapy you can whip up at the first signs of a cold or flu. Discover how to create your own herbal steam and keep your upper respiratory passageways clean, calm and moist over the cooler seasons.

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