CLEANSE {8 Week} Full Detox Program


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Naturopathically curated 8 week Detoxification Program to:

  • Boost energy
  • Improve skin
  • Cleanse the gut
  • Reduce bloating and constipation
  • More info below

Price includes dedicated herbal elixirs which are posted to you.

The 8 week Full Detoxification Program covers everything you need to boost every elimination channel and system in your body.


Congratulations on choosing the 8 week Full Detox Program! Let me tell you more about it.

Deep inside that beautiful body of yours there’s a vibrant, connected, self-healing system that thrives on good food, herbs, rituals and positive intentions. ‘Good’ health is noticing no symptoms or signs of dis-ease. But this program is about taking the next step to ‘Super’ health, about awakening your inner life force, the sensations of flow, balance, harmony and wellness. Let’s take your health beyond ‘good enough’. This program is about:

  • Cleansing at a cellular level
  • Boosting bowel function
  • Increasing energy
  • Cleansing the Gut (gastrointestinal system)
  • Reducing symptoms of sluggish digestion
  • Cleansing Blood and Lymph
  • Reducing oxidative load on every cell in your body
  • Clearing Skin and creating skin glow
  • Calming chronic inflammatory conditions

The 8 week Full Detoxification Program covers everything you need to boost every elimination channel and system in your body. Not many detox programs do that so if they’re not targeting the system in your body that’s underfunctioning, then they’re not going to be very effective. A lot of premade Detoxification Programs also leave you without support, but with this program I’ll support you through the 8 week period.

Also, my approach has always been more than skin deep because you’re not just a physical body. You’re a complex, layered, multi-system being. You have emotions, senses, intelligence and wisdom. I’ve considered all these aspects when designing this program.

When you start this program you’ll receive a one-on-one consultation with me (online) to personalise the program for you and I’ll send your your CLEANSE eBook with recommendations for detoxing in other ways as well, such as home detox plants, what to avoid in skincare products, meditations, mantras and daily rituals. And more! I’ll package up your medicines carefully and post them out to you.

This 2 month Detoxification program includes:

  • Initial consultation with Sulin to personalise your diet and herbs (1hr)
  • Cleanse – Curated Recipes for Detoxification eBook
  • Detox Elixir No.1 – Elimination Channels
  • Detox Elixir No.2 – Blood Purification
  • Second consultation with Sulin to assess and provide guidance for the future (30mins)

There is an option to purchase a tailored Detox powder and tea with this program, just ask at your consultation. These are $40 each and last the 8 weeks.


What are the Detoxification products like?

I’ve personally created a Detox Kit for this program. You can see everything that’s included below and it will take you through the 8 weeks program. My formulations draw from the blending wisdom of Classical Chinese Medicine and Western Herbalism to produce herbal combinations that are balanced, safe and powerful medicines. I’ve been practising and educating on herbal medicine preparation since 2005! I love creating medicines and every medicine is blessed before its released. You’re not just a number with me, it’s my full and focussed intention for every client of mine to be heard and supported and guided to greater potentials in health.

Why detox?

Because it keeps your elimination channels open and boosts your health, reducing the risk of chronic illness, digestive issues and fatigue. Detoxing under professional supervision like this means you can purposefully and safely achieve those things and it’s central to longevity and wellness. Even at a cellular level, our cells get bogged down and congested with toxins over time so it’s like giving your whole system a flush from the cellular level outwards.

When we’re really healthy we can expect to absorb food well, eliminate it even better, feel energetic and alert and sleep well. When you’re healthy your body can regain internal harmony as needed to keep you feeling active, healthy and resilient.

For many of us we have the desire to eat healthy and live well but we get caught in unhealhty patterns and addictions or perhaps we haven’t found what works for us personally. I think that’s a weakness with pre-made detox programs so I’m taking a customaisable approach to this one. Matching diet, daily rituals, nutrition and herbs to the individual is crucial to success in any therapeutic treatment, and it’s the point of difference with my CLEANSE bundles. Everything in the program is customisable to you.

When should I start?

You can start this program anytime you like. If you have recent pathology results that’s great, but if not don’t worry. We do a comprehensive case-taking and diagnostic session at the start of the program.


How should I start

  1. Purchase your CLEANSE program here
  2. Book in your first consult as a ‘Initial Consultation’ (Ignore the price as you’ve already paid) using my Booking Calendar
  3. Head to the Detoxification Questionnaire, complete it and keep a note of your detox level (green, yellow or red).


Want to Extra-Boost your Detox?

The program is a once-off purchase but should you wish to purchase extra supplements, herbal elixirs or vitamins you’re welcome to request other products and I’ll organise those for you. While the program is adequate on its own, you may have specific goals that can be better achieved with additional supplements such as thyroid issues, adrenal issues, hormonal conditions, management of chronic disease, weight loss or other health issues. Like I said before, we can personalise this program to you to get the best outcomes.

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