Qi Glow Beauty Elixir


This classic beauty formula is all about bringing out your inner glow. It’s decadently rich in polyphenols and flavonoids from herbs and fruits used traditionally in Classical Chinese Medicine to infuse skin with youth and beauty. Prepared by Sulin as an elixir, the medicine goes through 4 weeks of processing with meditation and mantra chanting along with prayers for the nourishment and invigoration of your inner world. Learn more about the ingredients in Qi Glow in Herbs that make your skin GLOW
Volume: 30mL
Dosage: 1-2mL daily or 20 – 40 drops daily.

If you are purchasing a ‘pre-order’ please note the next batch will be ready July 5th 2021. Your Qi Glow will be on its way to you July 6th.

Available on back-order


Hello Beauty! There is nothing like my elixirs and I’ve made this one specially for you, to bring out your inner glow. Carefully balanced in flavour and qualities, the herbs and fruits that go into Qi Glow have been used for thousands of years as imperial beauty herbs, going back to the era of the Chinese dynasties. Much of my work is infused with history and ancient wisdom, and I bring it to you here in this uniquely curated herbal elixir. Enjoy this potent (1:2) strength preparation in many ways:

  • Take it each day straight on the tongue at any time of day you like
  • Add it to your morning tea infusion and let those rich red polyphenols do their beauty thing
  • Add it to your daily detox juice or smoothie
  • Add it to home made bliss balls or what we call ‘herbal pills’, with your favourite powders rolled into dates and honey
  • Add it  to chai lattes, dandelion lattes, mushroom lattes, you name it!

I carefully research my formulae and have post graduate training in managing complementary medicines for public safety. This elixir is prepared with flowers, berries and fruit in a solvent of Australian Spring Water and high quality wine alcohol. It is suitable for ages 15 up. No known contra-indications but if you are concerned please get in touch.

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