Quiz: Which cooking spices suit your constitution?

Discover the best cooking spices for you

Based on the Tridosha system of Ayurveda, this handy little quiz will reveal which common culinary spices best suit your constitution and can take you to greater potentials in health. You’ll find lots of recommendations in your results too for how to use these spices.

In the Indian healing system of Ayurveda, our bodies and minds are conceptualised as a composite of five great elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth. As we are all a little different in our physical, emotional and spiritual makeup, we will all possess our own unique proportions of each element. With improper living, eating and patterns of behaviour that don’t support our health and well being, we can become excessive or deficient in some of these. For instance too much fire makes us hyper-active, inflamed and heaty and perhaps also quite impatient and intolerant. While a deficiency in earth element makes us ungrounded and light headed. Too much of the water element can make us feel heavy, like we’re carrying a heavy load and puffed up as well. Classic sign is a puffy face in the morning. 

 I compiled this quiz based on the dosha types, so it will detect which elements you might be excessive or deficient in. And at the end of the quiz you’ll see some diet and lifestyle tips so you can get started on regaining balance immediately. If you’d like to work more with herbs and supplements to optimise your balance and health, book in for a consultation with me. I always assess constitution in sessions and provide diet and lifestyle guidance to help you take back control of your well being.

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